How We Work
Your billion-dollar product doesn't exist. We have to build it.

Building an app with millions of users on your first try is an impossible task.

Yet many CEO's hire an app development company to make their unperfect vision come true. 

Following a strict long term business plan built around this vision will only keep you down a path that isn’t likely to gain traction. A path where your startup fails to experiment and runs out of runway.

You need to experiment in order to produce the best version of your idea and you need runway to keep the experimentation going.

In order to find your billion-dollar product, Apps by Lukas implements the two crucial components for lean startups: experimentation and runway.


  1. Strip your product down to its most simple form.
  2. Bring a polished product to market.
  3. Get feedback, adjust the product, and repeat.

By remaining agile and creating options for your product, we build towards the best version of your idea for the App Store.


After fourteen weeks, we work together to support your app and lower our rates so that your business grows large enough to raise a Series A.